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Bond Street Gin

Our story

Bond Street is a famous shopping street in the “City of Westminster” part of London. The street is famous for being the home to many of the worlds most prestigious fashion and luxury brands. Bond Street is named after Sir. Thomas Bond 1st. Baronet (1620 -1685) who was a property investor and a close friend of King Charles II.

Thomas Bond may be best known today as the ancestor of the fictional spy James Bond 007

a character created by the author Ian Fleming, and made famous in his books, and movies.

The Bond family motto “Orbis non Sufficit” meaning “The World is not Enough” prominently features in the James Bond movie “In her Majesty’s Secret Service” and later became the title for the Bond film “The world is not Enough” from 1999.

The motto is also featured in the coat of arms of the Bond family.

Bond Street Gin is made in honor of Sir. Thomas Bond, who was a great connaisseur, and luxury aficionado.

Production process

The Distillation process of Bond Street Gin can shortly be described as 5 + 5 meaning that our Gin is distilled 5 times with 5 botanicals.

Bond Street Gin is based on grain spirit which is distilled 4 times for extra purity, made from high quality wheat, grown in the Norfolk region in northern England. The wheat spirit gives Bond Street Gin it’s hallmark soft and velvet like finish.

The 5th distillation, during which the 5 botanicals are added, takes place in pot stills crafted by the legendary “John Dore” still manufacturing company. The Two 500 Liter stills produces only 200 Liters in each distillation batch. The five botanicals used in the recipe for Bond Street Gin, is especially sourced and selected by the company Joseph Flach & Co. Limited who have been importing rare botanicals from all over the world and supplied those to Gin Distillers, since the early days of the British Empire.

Meet our legendary master distiller

Charles Maxwell is probably the worlds most famous and experienced Master Distiller of Gin.

His family has been producing Gin in London since the late 17th. Century, when his eigth great -grandfather was educated as a distiller. Charles Maxwell was elected as a master of “The Worshipful Company of Distillers” in 2008, and is also a Director of “The Gin Guild” where he in 2014 was honored with the first ever, “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his services to the Gin industry.

Charles has worked in the spirits industry for more than 40 years, and in 1996 he founded his own distillery “Thames Distillers” located in the center of London.

Charles Maxwell has won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for his Gin recipes, in various competitions around the world, and in 2015 he was awarded with the IWSC Trophy for creating the “Worlds Best London Dry Gin”.

Master Distiller Charles Max, at the Distillery