Bond Street Royal Navy Gin

Following the introduction of gin to Britain in the late 16th. and early 17th. century it quickly became a staple for the members of the Royal British Navy.

Rations of gin were considered an important facet of maintaining a high morale onboard the British navy ships. To ensure that the gin supplied to the Navy were up to the requested quality level, and not over-diluted with water naval staff would perform a “Proof Test”. This involved soaking gunpowder with the gin and lighting it on fire. If the Gunpowder and gin blend did not ignite, then it meant that the gin was not up to the required alcohol level, and therefore below Navy Strength.

Even though there is a long historic tradition between the Navy and its use of gin onboard the fleet’s ships, then the actual tern “Navy Strength” was not introduced officially until in the 1990’s originating as a marketing gimmick to commercialize high-proof gin. 

Navy Strength is celebrated for its potent flavor, making it as an excellent choice for complex cocktails.

According to common practice Navy Strength gin must have an alcohol strength of minimum 57 % by volume.

Bond Street Royal Navy Strength Gin is the super-charged version of our Classic London Dry Gin. On the nose you will find rich and aromatic notes of Juniper, combined with a zest of lime. On the palate the extra 57 % alcohol level amplifies the flavors, with an intensely botanic touch of Juniper, with a slightly peppery and Savoury like edge, finished with a smooth and round creamy mouthfeel.

Our botanicals


Juniper is the essential Ingredient in a Gin. Without Juniper it would not be a Gin. Our Juniper berries comes from the rugged hills of Tuscany in Italy and is the key botanical in creating the classic Gin taste profile and aroma of fresh pine.


From Morocco comes the Coriander seeds, which gives Bond Street Gin it’s exotic, spicy, and citrusy notes and a flavor of freshness.


The Angelica root is one of the most important ingredients in a Gin recipe. It brings a slightly earthy, spicy note to the Gin and acts as a fixative, that “glues” the flavor of all the other botanicals together to a complex unity.


The Savory herb is our signature botanical, also known in Latin as “Satureja Hortensis” and in German as “Böhnenkraut” is a herb that belongs to the Mint family. It is native to the Middeterrenean region, but has also been naturalized in other countries like Great Britain. Savory is known for it’s peppery slightly sweet spicy flavor and aroma, and is the key ingredient in the blended spice “Herbes de Provence”. Savory was named “The herb of Love” by the ancient Romans.


Bearss lime is a particular sort of lime, named after John T. Bearss who developed this seedless variety in 1895 at his nursery in Porterville, California

Bearss lime is larger with thicker skin with a more complex sweetness, and less acidity and bitterness compared with the Key lime variety. Bearss lime trees grows in the garden at the “Goldeneye Estate” in Jamaica, the former home of the author Ian Fleming, who is the father of James Bond.