Christmas Edition Gin

Bond Street Christmas Edition Gin is a special holiday celebration gin, seasonally available during the last three months of each year.

It is distilled with the same five botanicals that we use in our London Dry Gin, but with the addition of a healthy dose of Cinnamon, and Seville Orange peel, which creates a gin with a distinct warm and genuine flavor of the Christmas holiday season. 

Bond Street Christmas Gin is a limited edition version, distilled in small batches and bottled by hand.

Each bottle is individually numbered, and comes gift wrapped in an elegant British Racing green Velvet Gift Box.

The nose has fruity hints of orange, and Christmassy spices.

The palate has a warm, sweet orange, and citrus aromas with notes of cinnamon, and juniper with a long finish. 

Perfect for a Christmas Gin & Tonic, or at a Holiday Negroni.

Our botanicals


Juniper is the essential Ingredient in a Gin. Without Juniper it would not be a Gin. Our Juniper berries comes from the rugged hills of Tuscany in Italy and is the key botanical in creating the classic Gin taste profile and aroma of fresh pine.


From Morocco comes the Coriander seeds, which gives Bond Street Gin it’s exotic, spicy, and citrusy notes and a flavor of freshness.


The Angelica root is one of the most important ingredients in a Gin recipe. It brings a slightly earthy, spicy note to the Gin and acts as a fixative, that “glues” the flavor of all the other botanicals together to a complex unity.


The Savory herb is our signature botanical, also known in Latin as “Satureja Hortensis” and in German as “Böhnenkraut” is a herb that belongs to the Mint family. It is native to the Middeterrenean region, but has also been naturalized in other countries like Great Britain. Savory is known for it’s peppery slightly sweet spicy flavor and aroma, and is the key ingredient in the blended spice “Herbes de Provence”. Savory was named “The herb of Love” by the ancient Romans.


Bearss lime is a particular sort of lime, named after John T. Bearss who developed this seedless variety in 1895 at his nursery in Porterville, California

Bearss lime is larger with thicker skin with a more complex sweetness, and less acidity and bitterness compared with the Key lime variety. Bearss lime trees grows in the garden at the “Goldeneye Estate” in Jamaica, the former home of the author Ian Fleming, who is the father of James Bond.


Is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several species of trees which are all members of the genus “Cinnamonum”.

Cinnamon was so highly prized among ancient nations that is was regarded as a gift for monarchs.

“Cinnamonum Verum” which translates from Latin as “True Cinnamon” is a native to India, and originates from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

In 1638 Dutch traders established a trading post in Sri Lanka. Later the Dutch East India Company continued to refine the methods of harvesting natural cinnamon, and eventually began to cultivate its own trees in plantations. Only 0,5 mm. of the inner bark is used. The processed bark dries completely in four to six hours in a well-ventilated and warm environment. Once dry, the bark is cut up into 5 to 10 cm. long pieces, ready for sale. 

The flavor of Cinnamon is due to an aromatic essential oil that makes up to 1 % of its composition. The pungent taste and scent comes from cinnamaldehyde which by reaction with oxygen as it ages, will darken in color and form resinous compounds. 

Sevilla orange - Bitter orange

Sevilla Appelsiner stammer oprindeligt fra Burma og det sydlige Kina. efterfølgende blev denne sort på latin “Citrus Aurantium” spredt over hele Middelhavsområdet og især til Spanien, hvor den var blevet introduceret og dyrket i stort omfang af maurerne,  i begyndelsen af ​​det 10. århundrede.

En af Sevillas mest fantastiske attraktioner er de mere end 14.000 bitre appelsintræer, der dekorerer byens gader og tilfører denne charmerende hovedstad i det sydlige Spanien den himmelske duft af de blomstrende Appelsintræer hvert forår

Sevilla-appelsinen kan identificeres på sin orangefarvede frugt og på en tydelig bitter og syrlig smag. Træet har skiftevis enkle blade og torne på bladstilken.

Sevilla-appelsiner er berømmet for deres æteriske olie, som har en meget velduftende intens orange smag, kombineret med en let bitter og frisk syrlig eftersmag. Den har en meget aromatisk og velafbalanceret appelsinsmag, som ikke kan erstattes af søde appelsiner.