Our Story

Bond Street is a famous shopping street in the “City of Westminster” part of London. The street is famous for being the home to many of the worlds most prestigious fashion and luxury brands. Bond Street is named after Sir. Thomas Bond 1st. Baronet (1620 -1685) who was a property investor and a close friend of King Charles II.

Thomas Bond may be best known today as the ancestor of the fictional spy James Bond 007

a character created by the author Ian Fleming, and made famous in his books, and movies.

The Bond family motto “Orbis non Sufficit” meaning “The World is not Enough” prominently features in the James Bond movie “In her Majesty’s Secret Service” and later became the title for the Bond film “The world is not Enough” from 1999.

The motto is also featured in the coat of arms of the Bond family.

Bond Street Gin is made in honor of Sir. Thomas Bond, who was a great connaisseur, and luxury aficionado.

"A Step Up - May be the perfect beginning of a great Journey"
Bond Street Gin founder Anton Rasmussen, and Master Distiller Charles Maxwell.

Our founder

The idea behind Bond Street Gin was conceived by Anton Rasmussen. who has a background as a trained chef. He has been inspired by his craft, and worked with Taste, Fragrance and Texture, and as a gin enthusiast he had a vision to create his own exclusive gin.

In order to produce a world-class gin, he consulted with the world’s leading Gin Master Distiller – Charles Maxwell, and together they created the unique recipe for Bond Street Gin, which includes our signature herb Savory.

Bond Street Gin is an “Ultra Premium Gin” of exceptional quality. The timeless elegant glass decanter with matching silver collar, is completed with an elegant solid glass stopper specially designed for Bond Street Gin, conveying a masculine, exclusive, luxury image, worthy of honoring Sir. Thomas Bond who was a luxury aficionado par excellence.